What My Day Looks Like Working As A Maid in Gurgaon

hi my name is anna and i work for a maid service and cleaning company in Gurgaon. I want to introduce you to my working day routine everything is pretty simple here usually the first thing to do will be to pack all the cleaning supplies into my car’s trunk and review the cleaning schedule in enk we care about your time therefore we inform each customer 30 minutes before i will ok it’s time to head out ent cleaning service is not a franchise but an independent local company whose goal is to build a relationship with every one of our clients and provide 100 satisfaction every day that is why we know our customers by their names not just by their id numbers here is johan one of our regular

customers who needs some extra help while she is home alone with her princess commonly i start with bathrooms i clean sink toilet baths shower mirrors and map all the floors [Music] in the kitchen i wipe down all the appliances countertops and cabinets i pay attention to all the details not to leave any grease or stain spots next thing to do will be dusting of all of the living spaces i make sure that the furniture decorations and personal belongings remain in the same spots after the cleaning

and the last two steps in the cleaning process will be vacuuming and mapping i always do my best to get under the sofas beds chairs to get rid of all the bad hair and food crumbs emk cleaning service provides a wide range of services at very competitive rates with a flexible schedule that enables our customers to choose from a weekly bi-weekly monthly and one-time cleaning services including moving on wow and a post-construction as well we offer a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning whether you need a deep cleaning in your one bedroom apartment or just refreshing and disinfecting your new house we can do it all all right it’s time to head to the other locations that i need to clean schedule your cleaning today at

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