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Tips to make your small office space look awesome!

You may have a small space to work in, but keeping it organized and neat will make a big impact on your workspace. The space that we occupy determine who we are and how we behave with others. This has great consequences on one’s well-being and overall performance.

When you are thinking about the perfect workspace, you should strive for a trendy look and recent scientific findings. The following are a few tips and ideas on how to create a big impact, in spite of having a small space.

Take ownership of the workspace

The simple act of making decisions about how you organize your workspace has an amazing effect that has been linked with increased productivity. If you are an office manager, this implies that you should give your staff as much input into the design of their office and workspace as possible.

Select rounded furniture and arrange it effectively.

If you have the ability to design your own workspace, consider a space layout and furniture that is curved rather than straight edges. According to a study, rounded furniture is more pleasing and beautiful than rectangular or square office furitures, and are more suited in workspaces where the area is limited.

Take advantage of color, light and space

The correct color and lighting combinations can increase your performance and level of potential skills. Different colors have a psychological effect that will be more conducive to analytical thinking. The colours blue and green are known to incrase performance on tasks that require creative thinking.

Use plants and windows in decorating.

If you invest in a green plant or two, research has proven that workers who occupy space with office plants have health benefits including less stress and lower blood pressure rate. It draws one closer to nature and promotes positive outlook in the office.

These tips and tricks will help you to make a huge impact, in spite of having a small space.

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